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About us

MAN importer and part of Pon

MAN Rollo is an importer of the MAN brand and has been supplying and servicing diesel and gas engines for the industrial and maritime sectors since 1922.

MAN Rollo

The company Rollo was founded in 1906, originally stocking products manufactured by GHH. We started importing MAN products in 1922. We supply and maintain diesel and gas engines for the industrial and maritime sectors in 10 European countries. Among other things, MAN engines are used for the regular and back-up supply of power and heat, agricultural applications, cranes, trains and ships.

We enjoy taking on the challenges presented by the energy transition. We do so in the knowledge that our parent company Pon, MAN Engines and our dealers and service partners all subscribe to the same CSR ideals as we do. But above all, we want to help our clients build a future marked by success and greater sustainability!


In 1988, MAN Rollo became part of the family-owned Pon group, one of the Netherlands’ foremost trading and service companies. Pon focuses on the automotive, mobility, agricultural and maritime sectors, bicycles and earthmoving machinery, among others.

MAN Engines

MAN Engines develops, produces and distributes top-quality, innovative products for a vast range of applications. MAN supports its clients with tailor-made solutions as well as an extensive portfolio of different engines for:

  • Commercial vehicles
  • Power generation and combined heat and power (CHP)
  • Drive systems for e.g. agricultural equipment and vessels

Dealers & service partners

Same view of the future

We have clear agreements with our dealers and service partners about a variety of subjects – including the energy transition. After all: when it comes to our joint future, we want everyone with whom we work to be on the same page. We offer our dealers and service partners dedicated trainings to strengthen this coordination, and they’re encouraged to contact our technical staff with any questions or issues they may run into Thanks to this focus and commitment, we can offer our clients responsive, top-notch and truly sustainable solutions.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of MAN Rollo’s business strategy. We consider social and economic aspects as well as the environment in everything we do. We also work with our parent company Pon and MAN to structurally reduce our footprint, and MAN Rollo has committed to compensating for 100% of its carbon emissions. In our dealings with our clients, we will consistently champion the best option in ecological and environmental terms.


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A worldwide  network

MAN Rollo and MAN are always near you. wherever you are in the world.

A single point of contact

From concept to realization with guarantees and the best service.

Fast delivery spare parts

Worldwide if necessary, but always 100% original.

A partner that can be reached   anytime

MAN Rollo can be reached 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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