MAN Rollo LNG generator sets

Classified and IMO III and Stage V certified

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) stands to play a key role in the reduction of harmful emissions, since far less carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) are released into the atmosphere during its combustion. It is also an attractive fuel in financial terms: its price isn’t linked to the oil price – as is the case with diesel fuel, for example. MAN Rollo has developed the very first classified and IMO III or Stage V certified LNG generator sets. Our generator sets are quiet, compact and robust, with a swift and reliable load response.

Low fuel consumption and outstanding emissions performance

LNG-powered maritime applications

MAN’s V12 gas engines are ideally suited to LNG-powered maritime applications. They combine low fuel consumption with excellent exhaust emission values. With a MAN gas engine, you will also comply with the stricter environmental requirements for the sector in years to come. Our engines can be classified according to DNV, BV or ABS standards and are already IMO III or Stage V certified when they leave our manufacturing plant.

Robust and hard-wearing LNG generator sets

Our gas engines and generators have proven themselves in a variety of sectors and industries and are set apart by their ruggedness and extended performance, both at peak loads and in continuous operation. Their solid service life and long maintenance intervals allow you to keep a tight rein on total cost of ownership.

What’s more, thanks to the worldwide development of new bunkering facilities for LNG, nothing stands in the way of its widespread adoption by the shipping sector. Suppliers are working closely together with shipowners to ensure an adequate supply of LNG for vessels at all times.

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With a MAN gas engine or generator, you can:

Reduce harmful emissions

Our LNG generator sets release far less carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulate matter into the atmosphere.

Save on fuel costs

Low fuel consumption combined with a smaller environmental footprint.

Comply with future environmental requirements

With a MAN LNG generator set, you are assured of full compliance with stricter environmental requirements down the road.

Reduce total cost of ownership

The combination of a solid service life and long maintenance intervals allows you to minimise total cost of ownership.


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MAN Rollo delivered 3 generator sets to the Fassmer yard

“MAN Rollo has delivered three generator sets to the Fassmer shipyard in Berne, Germany. Besides serving as an auxiliary generator, the sets can also be used to boost the main propulsion system. The generator sets incorporate MAN V12 gas engines, which were developed on the basis of the lean-burn combustion principle. Each of these engines has a capacity of approx. 500 kW and satisfies the standards set by the DNV classification society.”