A range of services to support your operations

MAN Rollo offers a range of services that can help you to maximise the usability, reliability and availability of your engines and generator sets.

Service and maintenance

And maximum reliability

Our clients place increasingly strict demands on the efficiency and versatility of the engines and generator sets used in various industrial and maritime applications. To cater to their needs, we have developed a number of services that help our clients to maximise the usability, reliability and availability of their engines and generator sets:

  • Preventative and corrective maintenance
  • On-demand services
  • Remote services
  • Technical expertise
  • Advice and training

We’re happy to tell you more about these services, so don’t hesitate to contact us – no strings attached!


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Engineering and technical support

Every solution supplied by MAN Rollo has been engineered in close consultation with our manufacturer. What’s more: our experts are standing by to support you with any technically complex issues you may run into.

Like to know more? Feel free to contact us for information. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Training programmes

To help you operate and maintain your engines and generator sets as intended, MAN Rollo can also develop one or more custom training programmes that are tailored to your specific requirements. These trainings can be held at MAN’s office in Germany, our location in Zoetermeer or on-site at a location of your choice. Our trainers can draw on a wealth of technical knowledge and experience, which they can effectively impart to your employees.


Would you like to know more about our services?


A range of services

We help you maximize the uptime, reliability and availability of your engine(s).

Our Webshop

As a customer, you order parts quickly and easily through our extensive MAN Rollo webshop.

training programs

We have developed customized training programs to fit your needs.

A world wide network

MAN Rollo and MAN are always near you. wherever you are in the world.


Orgaworld Netherlands on MAN Rollo

“Orgaworld supplies electricity to the grid, and we use the generated heat for our own operations,” explains Harald Koehorst. “Our decision to team up with MAN Rollo was unanimous. They handled the engines’ supply, installation and commissioning. Thanks in part to short lines of communication and the swift response times of MAN Rollo’s service department, our CHP plants have outstanding uptimes. We’ve also entered into a full-service contract with MAN Rollo for a term of 10 years.”
Harald Koehorst, Operational Manager at Orgaworld Netherlands