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Diesel engines, gas engines and LNG generator sets

MAN Rollo supplies and maintains diesel engines and gas engines on behalf of industrial and maritime clients in 10 countries across Europe. We have also developed a unique programme of classified LNG generator sets.

Marine diesel engines

MAN marine diesel engines are used for both propulsion and back-up and emergency power. They’re rugged, reliable and classified, as well as complying with all relevant standards in inland and ocean shipping, including Stage V, CCR, IMO and EIAPP. In the Benelux region, MAN Rollo is the exclusive distributor of MAN’s high-speed ship’s engines with a capacity from 220 to 1,671 kW. MAN engines are distinguished by their relatively low weight, fuel efficiency and low maintenance and servicing costs.

LNG generator sets

MAN Rollo has developed the very first classified and IMO III or Stage V certified LNG generator sets. Our generator sets are quiet, compact and robust, with a swift and reliable load response. Our gas engines and generators have proven themselves in a variety of sectors and industries and are set apart by their ruggedness and extended performance, both at peak loads and in continuous operation. Their solid service life and long maintenance intervals allow you to keep a tight rein on total cost of ownership.

Marine hybrid systems

We can consistently provide the best propulsion solution thanks to the versatility of MAN diesel engines and the many ways in which they can be combined with electric motors and components such as batteries and /or generators. Since both the components of the propulsion system and the on-board power supply are modular and scalable, the level of hybridisation can be fully adapted to your requirements. Regardless of which systems configuration you choose, you will always benefit from reduced emissions, less vibrations, ultra-quiet performance and seamless shifting between operational modes.

Marine dual fuel H2 engine

A MAN dual fuel H2 engine can run on a combination of diesel fuel and hydrogen. It is just as powerful and reliable as a conventional diesel engine but releases significantly less CO2 into the atmosphere. In addition, it can immediately switch to full diesel mode if there’s some kind of issue with the hydrogen. In other words, you are assured of uninterrupted operation, with the well-known robustness and fuel efficiency of a MAN ship’s engine. Moreover, you are always compliant with IMO Tier III emission standards.

Power generation gas engines

MAN’s reliable power generation gas engines for CHP can work 24/7, with minimal emissions. Regardless of what you’re looking for, MAN Rollo can help you with the right solution: from a gas engine for assembling your own generator set to a comprehensive solution for a hotel or biogas plant. We also supply the various power generation engine management systems and parts necessary for running engines in specific applications.

Power generation diesel engines

MAN Rollo supplies MAN power generation diesel engines for generator sets used as a back-up power supply, to absorb temporary peak loads and for permanent critical power requirements. These engines offer you security of supply in each area of application: Emergency Standby Power (ESP), Limited Time Power (LTP), Prime Power (PRP) and Continuous Power (COP) They form a reliable, straightforward power supply in any situation, thanks to their sturdy and compact structure, high capacity and outstanding efficiency.


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