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MAN Marine diesel engines

Equipping your ship for each and every situation

You need to be able to rely on your ship, regardless of the situation – whether you’re out on the open sea, or navigating inland waters, entering a port, patrolling or carrying passengers or cargo. MAN marine diesel engines are used for both propulsion and as an auxiliary or emergency power supply. They’re strong, compact, reliable and classified and satisfy all sea and inland shipping standards, including Stage V IMO and EIAPP. A MAN propulsion engine is a powerful driving force that can always be depended on.


Exclusive distributor of high-speed MAN propulsion engines

In the Benelux region, MAN Rollo is the exclusive distributor of MAN’s high-speed ship’s engines with a capacity from 220 to 1,671 kW. MAN engines, which make use of common rail fuel injection, stand out thanks to their low weight, fuel efficiency and limited maintenance costs. The specific advantages of common rail injection include:

  • An attractive power-to-weight ratio
  • Swift acceleration thanks to high torque at low velocities
  • Low fuel and urea (DEF) consumption
  • Low noise levels
  • Smooth running performance

MAN marine diesel engines for light-, medium- and heavy-duty applications

The MAN diesel engine range includes units for light-, medium- and heavy-duty applications.


Engines with a capacity of 220 to 730 kW for yachts and other high-performance applications.


Engines with a capacity of 220 to 730 kW for e.g. freight carriers and passenger ships and tugs and towboats.


Engines with a capacity of 536 to 1,617 kW for e.g. freight carriers and passenger ships and tugs and towboats.

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Always a suitable solution

We always find a suitable solution, for any industrial or marine application.

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As a customer, you order parts quickly and easily through our extensive MAN Rollo webshop.

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We have the largest dealer stock of original MAN parts in Europe.

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MAN Rollo can be reached 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


GENTEC and MAN rollo deliver 17 CHP units to Veolia for district heating system

“In 2020 GENTEC supplied 17 CHP units of ultralow emission solution for district heating system in Prague for Veolia. Part of this project included a 430 kWe CHP units with MAN engines E3262 LE232 supplied by MAN Rollo. All cogeneration units were equipped with SCR with 50 mg / m3 NOx at 5% O2 in the flue gas. Our main reasons for working together with MAN Rollo are their short delivery times and the dedication shown by their staff. The result of this valuable partnership was that we complied with all agreed delivery dates and quality requirements for all ordered CHP units. Also guaranteed parameters were successfully measured for all completed CHP units.”
Vaclav Klein, Cogenera

Dual fuel engine for Windcat Workboats

In 2019, we met with Windcat Workboats to discuss their intention to reduce their CO2 emissions. They wanted to use hydrogen as an alternative fuel – and of course, at no point should this affect the reliability and usability of their vessel. MAN Rollo supplied and commissioned the engines in partnership with MAN Engines. What made this project particularly interesting is that we used a conventional diesel engine that didn’t have to be optimised for hydrogen. In a tested V12 propulsion engine, hydrogen is fed into the air inlet via an adapter and added to the combustion cycle.

Orgaworld Netherlands on MAN Rollo

“Orgaworld supplies electricity to the grid, and we use the generated heat for our own operations,” explains Harald Koehorst. “Our decision to team up with MAN Rollo was unanimous. They handled the engines’ supply, installation and commissioning. Thanks in part to short lines of communication and the swift response times of MAN Rollo’s service department, our CHP plants have outstanding uptimes. We’ve also entered into a full-service contract with MAN Rollo for a term of 10 years.”
Harald Koehorst, Operational Manager at Orgaworld Netherlands


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