MAN power generation diesel engines

Efficient and reliable

MAN Rollo supplies efficient and reliable MAN power generation diesel engines for generator sets. These engines are available in 1,500 rpm and 1,800 rpm versions and are suited to both 50 Hz and 60 Hz applications. They can be used for back-up power, to absorb temporary peak loads and for permanent critical power requirements. Capacity ranges from 360 kW to 1,117 kW for the strongest V12 diesel engine.

Areas of application

MAN diesel engines for power generation

MAN diesel engines for power generation offer you security of supply in a range of application areas:
  • Emergency Standby Power (ESP) for back-up power
  • Limited Time Power (LTP), again for back-up power
  • Prime Power (PRP) to absorb temporary peak loads
  • Continuous Power (COP) for permanent critical power
Regardless of what you use your stable and powerful MAN diesel engine for, its sturdy and compact build, high capacity and maximum efficiency mean that you are assured of uninterrupted power in each and every situation.

Dependable engines for back-up power, peak loads and continuous power

The key advantages of this range of MAN diesel engines are:
  • Compact design combined with robust build
  • High capacity and maximum efficiency
  • Low fuel and lubricants consumption
  • Low maintenance
  • Up to 8,000 operating hours per year
Feel free to download the brochure “Diesel Engines for Power Generation” for more information:

Always assured of the required capacity

6- and 12-cylinder diesel engines

MAN Rollo supplies a wide range of efficient and reliable MAN 6- and 122-cylinder diesel engines.

1,500 and 1,800 rpm

The diesel engines are suited for generator sets with maximum speeds of 1,500 rpm at 50 Hz or 1,800 rpm at 60 Hz.

Areas of application

The engines can be used for back-up power, to absorb temporary peak loads and for permanent critical power requirements.

More than just reliable

MAN’s engines are not only reliable, but also compact, hardwearing, efficient and low-maintenance.


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Bredenoord on working with MAN Rollo

“Bredenoord provides tailored electric power for any situation. For decades, MAN Rollo has been one of the companies that supply engines for our applications,” explains Harry Keurhorst. “We opt for MAN engines because we’re very satisfied with their quality. Plus it’s important for us to know whom we’re dealing with. Does the company take after-sales seriously? Can they fulfil specific wishes so our rental generators can be used for a range of purposes? MAN Rollo is one of those companies: they’re customer-oriented, understand our needs and think along with us.”
Harry Keurhorst, Technical Director at Bredenoord