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Largest inventory of original MAN parts

MAN Rollo has the largest dealer inventory of original MAN parts in Europe. We stock all common engine parts, filters, filtration systems and tools for diesel and gas engines. Those can be ordered in our webshop as well. Wij kunnen snel en wereldwijd leveren dankzij onze korte lijnen met MAN in Duitsland.

Man Rollo webshop

Easy and quick parts ordering

At MAN Rollo, we’re proud to offer a unique service among regular Man sales outlets. You can not only place orders via traditional routes like email and telephone, but also quickly and easily source parts via our webshop. This offers a number of benefits for you as a client:

  • A personalised quote that includes all relevant sales agreements
  • Insight into our current stock, including expected delivery times
  • Automatic update of part numbers to the latest unique identifiers
  • A MAN Rollo team member is standing by to help you via chat during regular business hours
  • Swifter order processing
  • 100% original parts – from gasket to long block

Parts packs and MAN Ecoline parts

Besides separate parts, filters and tools, MAN Rollo also supplies custom parts packs that have been tailored to your specific unit or based on MAN’s official maintenance intervals.

You can also visit our store for MAN Ecoline parts. These high quality parts have been refurbished by MAN and come with full factory warranty. They’re as good as new, and mainly set apart by their attractive price tag. Giving older parts a new lease on life is a good thing – both for our clients and for the environment – and fully in line with MAN and MAN Rollo’s sustainability strategy.

Filters for your diesel or gas engine

Fuel filtration is crucial when it comes to protecting your diesel engine or gas engine and extending the service life of your unit.

Our filter range includes the following solutions:

  • MAN filters
  • Parker Racor fuel filtration systems
  • Hengst fuel filters for maritime applications
About MAN

MAN Engines offers numerous flexible solutions for reducing harmful emissions, as well as a wide range of after-treatment options for exhaust gases, from exhaust gas recirculation to soot filters and SCR systems.

About Parker Racor

Parker Racor is a division of Parker Hannifin, the worldwide market leader in the development, production and sale of technologies, systems and components for propulsion, steering and process control. Parker Racor offers a wide range of fuel filtration systems that includes fuel filters, special higher capacity filters for ships, oil filters and engine air filters.

About Hengst

Hengst develops and produces filtration and fluid management solutions for leading car and motorcycle manufacturers and other industrial clients, which includes maritime applications. Hengst is a trendsetting, internationally recognised development partner and OEM supplier of filtration technology.


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A worldwide  network

MAN Rollo and MAN are always near you. wherever you are in the world.

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Fast delivery spare parts

Worldwide if necessary, but always 100% original.

A partner that can be reached   anytime

MAN Rollo can be reached 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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Visit our webshop to locate specific parts for your MAN engine, use our advanced search tool to find the right engine or maintenance kit, check whether we have a particular product in stock or review your order history. During regular business hours, you can also pose any questions you may have to one of our team members via the webshop’s chat feature. We will do our best to deliver your order at your preferred date and time.


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