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MAN’s smart marine hybrid systems

Unparalleled versatility

MAN’s smart marine hybrid systems boast unparalleled versatility. Its diesel engines can be combined in a range of configurations with electric motors and components such as batteries and/or generators. As a result, MAN can offer the best possible propulsion solution for any vessel – be it a private yacht or workboat.

Flexible hybridisation

Your needs are our starting point

Since both the components of the propulsion system and the on-board power supply are modular and scalable, the level of hybridisation can be fully adapted to your requirements. Regardless of which systems configuration you decide on (Comfort, Efficiency or Performance), you will always benefit from:

  • Reduced emissions
  • Less vibrations
  • Ultra-quiet performance
  • Seamless shifting between operational modes

Feel free to download the brochure ‘Smart Hybrid Experience’ for more information:

MAN’s marine hybrid systems: combining efficiency and sustainability

Efficiency and sustainability are in MAN’s DNA – a fact that is also borne out by its innovative marine hybrid systems. For example, in MAN’s Efficiency systems configuration the complete power train is consistently tuned to covering long-distance routes as efficiently as possible. In the diesel or cross-over mode, the diesel engine is fixed at its optimum performance point and supported where necessary by the system’s electric motor. This both saves fuel and reduces the load on the power train – allowing you to reduce the frequency of the regular maintenance intervals.

Feel free to download the brochure ‘Smart Hybrid Experience’ for more information:

MAN merges power with sustainability

Wide range of hybrid propulsion solutions

In addition to conventional diesel engines and innovative electric motors, MAN also offers a wide range of hybrid propulsion solutions for yachts and workboats.

Improved performance, lower  emissions

By combining the advantages of diesel-powered and electric propulsion, you are assured of full power capacity whenever required, while reducing the day-to-day load on your engine.

The optimal solution for your specific  application

Maximum flexibility in the combining of diesel engines, electric motors and batteries and/or generator sets means that we can also present the optimal solution for your specific requirements.

A single point of contact

MAN Rollo will support you throughout the entire process. From the concept stage, development and technical implementation to servicing and after-sales.


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Dual fuel engine for Windcat Workboats

In 2019, we met with Windcat Workboats to discuss their intention to reduce their CO2 emissions. They wanted to use hydrogen as an alternative fuel – and of course, at no point should this affect the reliability and usability of their vessel. MAN Rollo supplied and commissioned the engines in partnership with MAN Engines. What made this project particularly interesting is that we used a conventional diesel engine that didn’t have to be optimised for hydrogen. In a tested V12 propulsion engine, hydrogen is fed into the air inlet via an adapter and added to the combustion cycle.


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